Fireworks Tax Grants

Posted April 18, 2018
This letter was emailed to the departments (chiefs & training officers) today.  If you did not receive one by email, we do not have an email address for you 
If you need a copy of the attachements, please email Jan at to request them.  

Georgia Fire Departments:

Please find attached the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council policy and application for the Fireworks Tax Grants. Also, please understand that we have a limited amount of monies and while all departments are welcome to make application, those departments that demonstrate the most financial and operational need will be the primary consideration in Grant Review Committee’s and Council’s decision-making process.

Since we are working with a compressed time frame for this initial grant process, we must have all grant applications completed correctly and in the GFSTC office by the close of business,
5:00pm, on May 4, 2018. Any applications received in the office after that date and time will not be considered in the 2018 process. The Grant Review Committee, as of now, plans to meet on May 10, 2018. We plan to have a GFSTC council meeting the next week for the final approval by the council. Any department that is awarded a grant will have to complete a State of Georgia Vendor Management Form before we can process the requisition for funding. This form will need to be correctly completed and submitted for approval prior to any requisition request. GFSTC will supply the departments with the form and assistance in completing it if necessary. The GFSTC staff will need the last half of May and the first half of June to complete the funding request process.

​Once again, please have all grant applications correctly completed and in the GFSTC office no later than 5:00pm, May 4, 2018. If you need any assistance or have questions with the application process, please contact the GFSTC office at 478-993-4521 and someone will assist you.

GFSTC Grant Application

GFSTC Grants Final 

Gordon Henderson, Director