IMPORTANT INFORMATION Roster Updates per Rules Effective January 1, 2016

Posted January 25, 2016
Regarding New Rules

576  205-1-3-.02 Registration.
577 (1) All active fire service personnel, except civilian personnel, must be registered with GFSTC.
578 (2) All members of any fire department operating in the State of Georgia must be registered with

579 GFSTC immediately upon appointment with the fire department. As of the approval date for
580 this document, within 30 days the fire department shall review its roster and ensure that all
581 personnel are registered in the GFSTC database.
If personnel are already in the database, the
582 department may correct the roster electronically on the GFSTC website or may submit a
583 Candidate Initial Registration form for all members not currently in the GFSTC database. The
584 registration process is not completed until a Registration or Certification Application form is
585 submitted for each individual to GFSTC.
586 (a) The fire department shall verify the status of all fire service personnel on their roster in the
587 GFSTC database as assigned to one of the following categories:
588 1. C - Career Firefighter
589 2. P - Part-Time Firefighter
590 3. V - Volunteer Suppression Firefighter
591 4. S - Volunteer Support Firefighter
592 5. I - Inmate Firefighter
593 6. R - Recruit
594 7. O - Student in Technical College/Private School
595 (b) Initial registration shall be reported using the Candidate Initial Registration form.
596 (c) The Registration process is not complete until the fire department submits a Registration
597 or Certification Application.