Website Updates This Week

Posted May 12, 2017
This week has been a week of updates for our New Records Management.  As of today, the departments have the ability to edit professional development, edit start and end dates for their people (in case of errors) and print State Certification certificates, Registered Volunteer certificates and Support certificates .  The firefighter is able to print the same certificates.  The firefighter is able to see more than just their basic information now.  They can see, any test that has been downloaded (we are still behind in this area), the department(s) they are listed with, and any certifications (NPQ not included at this time, that will be coming later).  
If you have sent certification applications in and they are still not showing certified, that is because all the tests have not been downloaded into the system and we can't issue certifications until this happens.  
Thank you for your patience in this on going process.