Job Annoucement: Compliance and Evaluation Manager

Posted July 18, 2016
APPLICATION PERIOD: July 20, 2016 – August 19, 2016
JOB TITLE:    Compliance and Evaluation Manager
AGENCY:       Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council
ENTRY LEVEL SALARY: $ 40,000.00 - $43,000.00 Depending on Experience
JOB SUMMARY:  This position is primarily responsible for ensuring compliance and evaluation of established professional and certification standards for individuals and fire service agencies.
  • Examines allegations or indications of non-compliance of statute, rules, policy, and/or procedures of the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council. 
  • As warranted, conducts internal and/or external investigations as directed by the Executive Director.
  • Maintains a library of, and is thoroughly familiar with current statute, rules, policy, and procedures related to the agency.
  • Maintains a library of, and is thoroughly familiar with local, state, and national fire service professional standards. 
  • Coordinates the fire department audit program and compliance inspection procedures.
  • Schedules audits and compliance inspections for all Georgia certified fire agencies to insure adherence and compliance with statutes as specified by Georgia Code, and Rules and Regulations as promulgated by Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council.
  • Completes reports and associated documentation and insures the compliance and /or non-compliance status is assigned to each agency.
  • Provides assistance and advice to agency managers and government officials as needed to insure each agency meets the minimum requirements as specified by Georgia Code and Council Rules and Regulations.
  • Schedules, Monitors, and Proctors Test and/or Evaluation Events for State and/or National Certification
  • Possess and maintain a current State of Georgia Driver’s License with no restrictions
  • US Citizen or have Legal Authorization to be in and work in the US
  • 18 Years of Age
  • High School Diploma, Home School Affidavit, or GED
  • Good Moral Character and Work Ethic
  • No DUI Arrest
  • Ability to furnish current Background Checks - Driving, Criminal (State & National), and Financial
  • Relocate to a specific area of the state if required to do so
  • Ability to Travel Mostly In State
  • Associates Degree or a Sufficient Combination of Training and/or Education that would correspond to a degree
  • Experience in the Fire Service or Related Fields
  • Above Average People Skills
  • Must be Self-Motivated and have Good Work Ethics
  • Above Average Written Skills
  • Honesty and Reliability
  • Knowledge of and/or ability to learn fire service codes and standards, National Fire Protection Association Standards, relevant state laws, and agency policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of and/or ability to learn fire department operations and training procedures.  Experience with Career and/or Volunteer fire service members specific to the state of Georgia is preferred.
  • Knowledge of and/or ability to learn to schedule, monitor, and proctor Test and/or Evaluation Events
  • Skill in record maintenance, and interview techniques.
  • Skill in using basic office machines, including computers.
  • Skill in oral and written communication.
  • The ability to respond to inquiries and resolve GSFTC issues associated with fire departments and firefighters.
 An assessment interview designed to test the applicant’s knowledge, skills, and abilities may be part of the hiring process.
Interested individuals must submit personal resume and a completed State of Georgia application to the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council Office, 1000 Indian Springs Drive, Forsyth, Georgia 31029.  You can email the requested information to or